Hello 2017. 

And Hello Swimsuit Season!  Hello my curvy divas! Happy new year! I know your 2017 is going amazing. I have been so busy building my styling portfolio and working that I have not had time to tend to my blog. Never the less,I'm excited to bring you guys inspirational post through fashion this  year … Continue reading Hello 2017. 

Fabulous Fall Fashion!

Walking out the house and realizing its cardigan season like  I must say, that I am in shock that the south has taken a turn for  the cold weather so soon. I mean honestly... It's Mississippi. Now that i here, I have the perfect solution to keeping cool. Just look no further than this amazing … Continue reading Fabulous Fall Fashion!

Disco Nights

Make your college experience the best one! Hey ladies! I know that it's been a while, but my lat college semester has started, which is why I have cooked up something special for all of my curvy divas starting this new experience called college life. College is a wonderful experience. You get to learn amazing … Continue reading Disco Nights

Vintage Styles That Rock!

Summer fashion never looked so.....affordable! I've traveled to 2 different countries this summer. While I have seen the best of the best designer clothing first hand, I haven't spent my whole life savings on clothes. It is definitely a relief to wear designer clothing without spending designer money.Shopping with Bessie Marie, allows me to look … Continue reading Vintage Styles That Rock!

London Blues

Missing the city while looking pretty. Now that I am back in little Mississippi, the fact that I was in the amazing city of London still blows my mind. Don't get me wrong, I love my state and I love my country, but to be in a city that inspires so much creativity was truly … Continue reading London Blues

Lena. Living. London

Chasing my dreams while checking the scene. Greetings from the UK my curvy dolls! I have been  here for about a week and don't get me wrong,I love my country, but I am having the most amazing time over here. I'm here blessed by the opportunity to study abroad here at the University of West … Continue reading Lena. Living. London

Swim Good: Swim Suit Fashion (pt.1)

Good bye spring. Hello Confidence! Hello ladies! It's been a while. I had to get those finals out-of-the-way first, lol. Now that summer is here, I am elated to bring you my very first summer post. What better way to bring in the summer than to introduce the sexiest swimsuits we found while swimsuit hauling … Continue reading Swim Good: Swim Suit Fashion (pt.1)